accurate measuring solutions

soniccatch is an ultrasonic trap for small particles to be measured in-line in industry.

taking care of the cleanness

sonicwipe is a powerful means to take care of the cleanness of in-line sensors.

well controlled amplifying

sonicamp delivers a well-controlled driving signal in coordination with process control.

We offer add-ons in the regime of PAT (Process Analytical Technology). Our expertise is to exploit well-controlled ultrasonic fields for the agglomeration of small particles in dispersion. Our devices allow for the improvement of in-line measurements in various industries to gain real-time accurate data from within the process.


- better process control and steering

- applicable as an add-on on various sensors

- enhances stability of industrial sensing and analytical devices

- increased sensitivity due to the high spatial concentration of the analyte

- particles and carrier liquid can be measured independently in-line

- soft ultrasonic fields, no detrimental effects on micro-organisms

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Industry magazine PROCESS published an article on usePAT´s technology.


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mercur "start-up" star

usePAT won the award "start-up star" in November 2018 at the mercur prize ceremony of "Wirtschaftskammer Wien"!

This price honors us and gives us a great possibility of an exellent network.

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Find out more about our technology in our recorded webinar:

Managing director Dr. Stefan Radel presents the applications: soniccatch, sonicwipe & sonicamp.


- how to optimize in-line monitoring in suspension plants

- 3 applications for ultrasound  enhanced in-line PAT


Please follow the link to see the whole webinar!

blog article @ acib

The austrian center of industrial biotechnology invited usePAT to contribute a blog article on inline sensing in industry 4.0!


Read the blog article here


usePAT consists of a multi-discipline team. All members are experienced and technically-skilled experts in the fields of ultrasonic & technology development as well as mechanical engineering, chemical analytic, electronics and process engeneering as well business development & management. Our knowledge at your service.