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soniccatch, sonicwipe & sonicclean by usePAT optimise measurements in liquids in R&D and industrial environments

for enhanced process control.

process optimisation by usePAT

soniccatch is an ultrasonic trap to make

small particles measurable directly in

industrial liquids.

sonicwipe is an ultrasonic cleaning device

for sensors to keep their surface clear

within industrial liquids.

sonicclean ensures clean pH sensors and O2 probes e.g. in wastewater treatment facilities.

We offer add-on devices for the improvement of in-line measurements in PAT (Process Analytical Technology) systems. They are compatible with a variety of sensors and can be designed and adapted to the specific needs and requirements of many fields of application. In order to facilitate the process of real-time measuring, our technology takes advantage of well-controlled ultrasonic fields for spatial particle manipulation in liquids.


Based on this, we provide products that have the ability to gather desired particles in specific areas of an ultrasound field thus forming a small (but concentrated) transient sample. This enables the retrieval of real-time data directly on those agglomerated particles, which provide a similar signal to that of sediments, or the de-populated area close by (solid vs. liquid signal).


Another feature of our devices is the ability to remove undesired aggregates from sensor-surfaces and their further maintenance regarding cleanness. Therefore, the implementation of our technology leads to an increase in the selectivity, stability and sensitivity of the whole data-requirement process (e.g. in continuous production lines), which is especially important for any data driven industry.

cost reduction and increased efficiency

Improved process control through in-line, real-time data


Higher stability of

in-line Sensors in liquids


Continuous measurements without

sample taking

Higher worker safety through in-line measurements

Improved sensitivity of measuring devices


No sensor dismantling for cleaning needed

fields of applications


Chemical Industry

(Waste-) Water




combineable with various sensors - e.g.

Raman spectroscopy

(ATR) infrared spectroscopy

process refractometry

process microscopy

particle size analysators

O2 sensors


turbidity measurements

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hot topics

soniccatch & microplastics

microplastics is an interesting topic in our society. soniccatch enables in-line probes to analyse microplastic in liquids.

Read more about usePAT´s contribution and the analysis results in our 2-Pager

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usePAT @ ILMAC Basel 2023 

From 26th - 28th of September 2023, usePAT will be exhibiting at ILMAC in Basel.

The largest meeting platform for the chemical and life science industry in Switzerland.

Visit us at our booth D188 in hall 1.0 at Messe Basel.


The multi-disciplinary team of usePAT sees itself as a "360° agency" for the improvement of in-line measurements in liquids using ultrasound. All members are experienced and technically skilled experts in the fields of ultrasonic & technology development as well as mechanical engineering, chemical analytic, programming, electronics, mechatronics and process engineering, process control, general physics as well business development and management.

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