sonicclean - cleaning sensors in liquids

The ultrasonic cleaning system for contaminated probes

Clean probes – accurate measurements!

sonicclean keeps the contamination from your measuring probes permanently, thus ensuring cleanliness and preventing falsified measurements. An ultrasonic cleaning system for real-time data providing in-line sensors.


1. For clean probes in wastwater treatment plants

The influence of impurities on the measurement data of O2-probes is often neglected. Coatings block the path of oxygen molecules and thus reduce the measured oxygen content. As a result, the process control system records the falsified information and draws suboptimal conclusions based on it. For example, excessive aeration leads to increased energy consumption.

2. For clean sensors in industry

The influence of contaminations on the measurement data of pH-sensors is largely underestimated. Impurities and the formation of layers block the path of the ions through the sensitive membrane of the pH sensor. The effect is often thought to be caused by an internal drift of the measured value. As a countermeasure, the sensor is recalibrated or the actual process values are estimated from the measured data. Frequent recalibration may shorten the lifetime of the sensor.


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