When in-line PAT is applied in industrial processes, the formation of (bio)films or other contaminants on the sensor tip often limits the stability of  measurements. Special ultrasonic protocols introduced in the liquid enable sonicwipe to keep sensor surfaces clean and thus increase the period of reliable usage and lower costs from necessary cleaning steps. Furthermore, probe-sensors remain in place, enabling a continuous workflow of the process and minimizing safety risks due to contact with hazardous substances. sonicwipe can be connected with process control systems via various interfaces.



  • cleanness: no layer-formations and sediments on the probe, which influence the measurement
  • continuity: probe stays in place, no external cleaning necessary – the process doesn’t have to be interrupted
  • process control: Inline data, no distortion due to probe-taking, no contact with hazardous substances
  • connectivity with process control systems via various interfaces
  • Applicable for various types of probes, variable integration possibilities
  • Only small integration space necessary, due to possibility of downscaled engineering


Application Areas

  • Optical measurement techniques, microscopy, turbidity measurement, refractometry, particle size analysators (e.g. FBRM)
  • Spectroscopy (for e.g. MIR, NIR, Raman, UV/Vis)
  • Chemical potential analysis (pH value, redox-potential,...)
  • Concentration measurement for e.g. in machining industry (lubricants, cleansing liquids,..)
  • Etc.


Application Example: biofilm

A biofilm formed on a Focused Beam Reflectance probe due to fermenting yeast cells.

The film was removed through application of the sonicwipe.

Fouling Index (FI) during the execution of various ultrasound protocols.

Measurement shows the thorough cleaning due to usage of the sonicwipe.

application example: petrochemie

Simultaneous interaction of petrochemical production-waste water on two sensor-dummies (glass surface). The contamination was widely prevented by the influence of the ultrasonic field.


The degree of contamination was assessed through wiping off the dirt with a piece of cloth, based on comparison of the tissue discoloration.


The cleansing effect of the ultrasonic field is clearly noticeable.


without sonicwipe      with sonicwipe


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