sonicclean is an ultrasonic armature to keep in-line probes clean.


sonicclean helps to prevent incorrect measurements due to contamination of the probes.


Data falsified by coatings is wrongly assumed to be a value drift, but in reality, it is caused by contamination. Such films can form very quickly and thus cause high maintenance costs. By using sonicclean, however, reliable process information can be generated in real-time without maintenance effort – e.g. in (industrial) wastewater treatment facilities. sonicclean works within the liquid and therefore is not harming the probes´ heads. It was designed to keep pH probes and O2 sensors clean.


pH probe

Due to impurities and layers on the probe, ions are prevented from passing through the sensitive membrane and diaphragm of the probe. In consequence, sensors are unnecessarily recalibrated, or process values are estimated. Frequent recalibration shortens the lifetime of the probe.


O2 probe

Coatings prevent oxygen molecules from passing through the O2 sensitive layer. Due to the incorrect measured values recorded by the process control system, ventilation is running to high. This leads either to increased power consumption or to flocculation decay.


sonicclean helps to counteract these problems and enables enhanced process control.


  • less time-consuming cleaning
  • ultrasound works on the whole probe
  • optimization of process control
  • extending the lifetime of probes
  • probe is safe - ultrasound acts in the liquid
  • no crosstalking due to application of ultrasound

Application Areas

  • pH and O2 probes
  • municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • industrial wastewater treatment facilities

Application Example: removal of coating on pH probe

The tip of the probe is contaminated with a low pH film. After switching on the ultrasound, the probe is completely cleaned over a period of a few minutes. This can be seen by the pH value converging to the correct value through the use of sonicclean.

application example: O2 probe in the wastewater industry

This graph shows the measurements of the oxygen content by 2 O2 sensors placed next to each other during an aeration phase in the aeration tank.


One sensor was kept clean with ultrasound (green), the other was not (red).

The probe (green) equipped with the ultrasonic cleaning device delivers correct values. The probe equipped without ultrasonic cleaning device (red) delivers too low measurements.


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