soniccatch is a high-tech application in industrial environments.


soniccatch generates a virtual sample volume of particles in suspensions in order to present the particles to a probe and therefore make them detectable in-line. This approach is entirely new and supports industry´s search for in-line data directly out of the process. Moreover regions depleted of particles help to assess the properties of the carrier liquid.
Until to now industry was dependent on taking samples in order to obtain many measured values. This is not satisfying because of the duration of the measurement protocols and a possible impact on the samples and the processes. Especially in biotech industry a representative, prompt measurement is of utmost relevance. Moreover the sample volume is lost for the production process, which is of relevance for small scale reactors (like in personalized medicine approaches).


soniccatch enables our customers to obtain process-relevant information in-line and real-time. Furthermore, it can be connected with process control systems via various interfaces.

The technology has won several prizes including a prize for innovation (FAACS Innovationspreis) for the respective scientific papers.


  • real-time data can be gained directly within the process (in-line)
  • enabling process control and steering
  • connectivity to process control systems via various interfaces
  • constant quality control
  • no interruption of the process
  • no sampling
  • no alteration of taken samples
  • no “historical” data
  • no loss of yield
  • no potential safety risks (hot, acidic, infectious)

soniccatch forming virtual samples in-line

Particles are trapped in the sound pressure nodes points. Thereby the agglomerates are presented to the probes. The measured signal then resembles that of a sediment.

When the ultrasound is switched off, the particles are available for the process again.

Application Areas

  • suspended solids such as: crystals, biological cells, oil droplets, soil particles, etc.
  • usage in various liquids just limited by chemical characteristics of the soniccatch
  • particle diameter from 1 μm up to some hundreds μm
  • particles can also be separated if they have the same density as the liquid
  • particles and carrier liquid can be observed separately


Application Example

Concentrate tiny, just forming crystals in a known location to bring them in focus of an optical probe.


ultrasonic field off

ultrasonic field on


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