To have transducers emit the right ultrasonic field a reliable source is needed. sonicamp is just that, delivering a powerful yet precisely tuned electrical signal for the excitement of the ultrasonic field being tailored to the application. Moreover, the communication with process control and measurement software is managed from here.



Describing it precisely, sonicamp is a combination of three instruments: a computer controlled DDS producing a reliable driving signal, an amplifier specialised to deliver the large currents needed by PZTs and an impedance measurement delivering the relationship between voltage and current of the driving signal.


LCD output: main menu

LCD output: manual mode


sonicamp delivers a well-controlled driving signal for ultrasonic bulk acoustic wave transducers with the following features:


  • High power (50W) on small footprint
  • Simultaneous measurement of Voltage, Current and
  • phase of the driving signal (optional)
  • Precise frequency control by DDS and microcontroller
  • Wide frequency range 0.5 – 10 MHz, other frequency ranges possible
  • Powerful gain over a high frequency range
  • Capable to drive high capacitive loads typically demanded by PZT transducers
  • Continuous temperature measurement (optional)
  • Various operation modes
  • Models for research and industry
  • Measurements: l: 165 cm, w: 165 cm, d: 200 cm (depending on model)


APplication Areas

  • Driving Add-on for the improving of industrial measurements (soniccatch)
  • Driving the sonicwipe
  • Driving the soniccell, a stage for 6-well microtiter-plates for the sonification of cell cultures
  • Driving ultrasonic waves for various applications in processes and R&D


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