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Device sonicwipe with Add-On

The use of in-line PAT in industrial processes is often affected by the formation of impurities such as (bio)films on the sensor tip, which can affect the measurement quality.

The sonicwipe uses special ultrasound protocols to keep sensor surfaces clean. This increases measurement stability, ensures consistent accuracy of results and reduces cleaning costs. The probes can remain in place, allowing uninterrupted process flow while minimizing safety risk to personnel.

The sonicwipe offers versatile interfaces for integration into process control systems.

All of our products can be installed in an industrial housing upon customer request and integrated directly into your process.


  • Prevents deposists on the sensor, ensures precise measurements
  • No external cleaning necessary, uninterrupted process flow
  • Maintain correct in-line data, no distortion or contact with hazardous materials
  • Various interfaces for process control systems
  • Adaptable to different sensor types and installation options
  • Compact design. low space requirement

Application areas

  • Optical measurement methods (microscopy, turbidity measurement, refractometry)
  • Particlde size analysis (z.B. FBRM)
  • Spectroscopic measurements (MIR, NIR, Raman, UV/Vis)
  • Chemical potential analyses (pH, redox potential, optical methods)
  • Concentration measurements (KSS, washing liquids, etc.)
  • etc.

Available add-ons

Typ L

Typ-L AD-25 mm
Typ-L AD-35 mm

Typ C

Typ-C AD-19 mm
Typ-C AD-25 mm

* In addition to the above listed sizes, we also offer 
individual sizes according to customer requirements.

Application areas



 A biofilm was deposited by fermenting yeast cells on a focused beam reflectance (FBRM) sensor. The coating was removed using the sonicwipe

The grapg inicates the Fouling Index (FI) during execution of different ultrasound protocols. The measurement shows complete cleaning through the use of sonicwipe.

Petrochemical sector

Simultaneous exposure of petrochemical production wastewater to two sensor dummies (glass surface). 


The deposits were wiped off with a textile cloth to compare the levels of soiling based on the discoloration of the fabric. 

The cleaning effect of the ultrasound field is clearly visible. 

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