The sonicclean is an ultrasonic fitting that was developed to keep sensores, especially pH and O2 probes, clean and thus prevent measured value drift due to contamination.

Contaminants on the sensors can result in incorrect readings, resulting in unnecessary recalibration, estimated process values and increased maintenance costs. The sonicclean solves this problem by creating a sound field in the liquid that removes contaminants without damaging the probe.

This improves the process control, extends the sensor life and enables reliable, real time process information, especially in industrial plants such as wastewater treatment plants. 

All of our products can be installed in an industrial housing upon customer request and integrated directly into your process.


  • Reliable measurements without cleaning effort
  • Ultrasound works along the entire sensor (tip to shaft)
  • Optimisation of the process control
  • Extending the sensor life
  • Protection of the probe – Ultrasound works in the liquid
  • No interference from ultrasound
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Improved workplace safety

Application areas


  • pH sensors and O2 sensors
  • minucipal wastewater treatment plants
  • industrial sewage treatment plants
  • etc. 

Available add-ons

Typ L

Typ-L AD-25 mm
Typ-L AD-35 mm

Typ C

Typ-C AD-19 mm
Typ-C AD-25 mm

* In addition to the above listed sizes, we also offer 
individual sizes according to customer requirements.

Application examples

Measured oxygen content from a wastewater treatment plant

This graph shows the measured oxygen in mg/L of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Austria (300,000 Inhabitants Equivalent). The target value for aeration is 2.0 mg/L.
Without sonicclean, the sensor normally begins to clog measurably after a few days and the value drops by 1.5 mg/L. This leads to a critical contamination which often results in incorrect ventilation, see graphic (a). Such a dirty probe can be easily cleaned with a sonicclean and kept constantly clean, see graphic (b). This effect of long-term cleaning is possible with a sonicclean, whereby the oxygen input remains a constant at 2mg/L, see graphic (c). This achieves constant ventilation without excess or deficiency of oxygen.

Removal of a coating on a pH sensor

The tip of a sensor is here contaminated with a low pH coating. Once the ultrasound is turned on, the probe is completely cleaned in just a few minutes. This can be seen from the fact that the pH value converges to the correct value through the use of the sonicclean.

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