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Device soniccatch with Add-On

The soniccatch represents a groundbreaking development in the field of industrial particle measurement.

As a high-tech product, it uses ultrasonic fields to create a virtual sample volume in suspensions. In this way, particles are presented to a probe in a targeted manner which enables precise in-line measurements in real time directly during the process. A novel approach that supports the industry to generate valuable in-line data and eliminate time-consuming sampling.

The soniccatch provides our customers with process-relevant information in real time, directly on site. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, it can be seamlessly integrated into process control systems.

 Conquer the future of particle measurement with soniccatch and experience the efficiency, precision and innovation your industrial process deserves.

All of our products can be installed in an industrial housing upon customer request and integrated directly into your process.


  • Real time data during the running process (in-line & real time)
  • Process control and management enabled
  • Various interfaces for connecting to process control systems
  • Continuous quality control
  • Uninterrupted process flow without interruption
  • No sampling required
  • No influence from sample transport
  • No delay for "historical" laboratory measurements
  • No loss of yield with small-volume processes
  • Minimises potential safety risks (heat, corrosives, infections)

Application areas

  • Captures suspended solids such as crystals, cells, oil droplets, etc.
  • Applicable in various liquids
  • Particle diameters from 1μm to a few hundred μm
  • Separation of particles with the same density possible
  • Separate detection of particles and carrier liquid possible directly one behind the other
  • etc.

Available add-ons

Typ L

Typ-L AD-25 mm
Typ-L AD-35 mm

Typ C

Typ-C AD-19 mm
Typ-C AD-25 mm

* In addition to the above listed sizes, we also offer 
individual sizes according to customer requirements.

Application examples

soniccatch animation

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The animation shows how the soniccatch works. The probe - initially without soniccatch - measures in the liquid. The measurement signal (in this case a Raman signal) is present, but not very strong. After the soniccatch has been integrated and the probe has been pushed into the add-on, the particles are caught by the soniccatch and the measurement signal is considerably improved.

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