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Cleaning of probes in wastewater treatment plants


Precise measurement requires clean measurement technology. By using our ultrasonic technology, in-line probes (e.g. pO2 or pH probes) remain clean and thus provide more accurate data. This helps in controling different processes which leads to a significant energy reduction.

View of the aeration basins of a sewage treatment plant.

Measured oxygen content from a wastewater treatment plant

 The graphs show the measured oxygen in mg/L of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Klagenfurt, Austria (300,000 Inhabitants Equivalent). The target value for aeration is 2.0 mg/L. 

Phase 1

Without sonicclean, the sensor normally begins to clog measurably after a few days (contamination starts on day 7) and the O2 value drops down from 2.0 mg/L to 0.5 mg/L.​

Phase 2

This leads to a critical contamination which often results in incorrect ventilation. Such a dirty probe can be easily cleaned with a sonicclean (start on day 6) which then also keeps the O2 probe constantly clean.

Phase 3

This effect of long-term cleaning is possible with a sonicclean, whereby the oxygen input remains a constant around 2.0 mg/L. This achieves a constant and accurate ventilation without excess or deficiency of oxygen.

Industrial park in the background of a body of water

Sensor cleaning in industry

The influence of impurities on the measurement data on pH sensors are underestimated. Impurities and the formation of layers block the path of the ions through the membrane of the pH sensor. The resulting effect is then mistaken for an internally caused drift of the measured value. This leads to a recalibration of the sensor as a countermeasure, or the actual process values are estimated from the measured data. Frequent recalibration often shortens the life of the sensor.

A clean probe in a short time

Described experiment for a clean probe in short time


  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Continuously stable measurement data
  • Electricity cost savings of up to -10%
  • Reduced staff workload
  • Optimisation of time, quality and safety
  • Amortisation within 2.5 years

Application areas

  • Process water
  • Wastewater
  • Drinking water
  • Surface water

Compatible measurement technologies 

Our analytical instruments are highly versatile applicable and can be seamlessly combined with a wide range of probes, including

  • O2 probes
  • pH probes
  • Turbidity probes

Clean probes - accurate measurements!

sonicclean keeps your measuring probes free of contamination, permanently ensures cleanliness and thus prevents incorrect measurements. Ultrasonic cleaning for in-line sensors provide real time data.

In combination with process control systems

Should the in-line cleaning be connected to a process control system? With our sonicwipe, you can specifically control the cleaning via your process control system. You set individual cleaning cycles in order to react to specific conditions.


How is the ultrasound introduced?

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Via a flexible add-on, which has a customisable design that allows optimal ultrasound transmission to the probe to ensure and guarantee effective cleaning.

Will the sensors be affected?

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No, our ultrasonic solution does not affect the sensores. The sonicclean generates a gentle sound field in the liquid that removes impurities without damaging the probe. Your valuable sensores and products are safe from being affected by our system.

Can the setup be tested?

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Our product offers the possibility to test and validate the setup before purchase. You can thoroughly test the product for a period of 2-3 months to ensure that it meets your requirements.