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In-line sensor technology often reaches its limits in complex process media. Our add-ons help you generate precise measured values even in heavily contaminated media and in challenging conditions. Precisely controlled ultrasonic fields are used to increase sensitivity, selectivity and robustness.

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  • Ongoing quality control
  • Accurate in-line & real time data
  • Cost savings through improved process control
  • Improved imaging
  • Time saving 
  • Reduction in sampling
  • Reduced downtime

Application areas

  • Crystallisation
  • Process water
  • Flotation

Compatible measurement technologies 

Our analytical instruments are highly versatile applicable and can be seamlessly combined with a wide range of probes, including

  • FTIR-ATR spectroscopy
  • Raman spectroscopy 
  • In-line microscopy
  • UV/Vis spectroscopy
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • Turbidity probes
  • electrochem. Probes
  • etc.

Innovative ultrasound

Our expertise in the application of complex ultrasonic fields in industrial processes opens up a new dimension in process analytics. Particles are manipulated locally without contact so that more sensitive measurements of suspended particles or the liquid are possible using in-line sensors. In addition, sensitive sensor surfaces are kept clean. All this without moving parts and with robust attachments with high chemical stability.


How is the ultrasound introduced?

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Via a flexible add-on, which has a customisable design that allows optimal ultrasound transmission to the probe to ensure and guarantee effective cleaning.

Can the setup be tested?

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Our product offers the possibility to test and validate the setup before purchase. You can thoroughly test the product for a period of 2-3 months to ensure that it meets your requirements.