Our team

 The usePAT team around the managing directors Dr. Stefan Radel & Mag. Georg Heinz consists of experts from different fields. The technology combines various scientific fields such as ultrasound & technology development, mechanical engineering, chemical analytics, electronics and process engineering. In addition, usePAT cooperates with experts from the fields of spectroscopy, process technology, software, microcontrollers and industry.

Managing Directors & Founder

Founder & CEO

Mag. Georg Heinz

Founder & CTO

Dr. Stefan Radel


Dr. Christoph Gasser


Stefan Tauber, M.Sc. 


Our mission is to improve process analytics in R&D and industrial environments by optimising in-line measurements using our ultrasonic technology ...


... by utilising the resources, spirit of innovation and technological advancement available to us and striving for accurate and efficient process control, ...


 ... always inspired by our values that focus technological development, sustainability and continuous innovation. All while meeting our customer wishes and to achieve a positive impact on the environment and industry.